Until recently, no one would have thought that an audio platform and audio rack system could be such an audible upgrade.

A Solid Foundation, Music Unveiled

Modulum™ vibration control platform systems, audio racks, stands and accessories improve the performance of all audio components including loudspeakers.

It uses harmonic absorption technology, a proven method used for seismic control of large infrastructures and bridges.

Modulum technology does not aim at eliminating all vibrations. It aims at controlling them so that music blooms and flows unscathed.

Exactly the same way a well-engineered concert hall allows the music to reach your ears intact.  Not muffled, nor harsh, but as natural as can be.

Modulum  platforms are that revealing. It is a sound investment as it will make any component shine to its full potential.

Before upgrading any audio component in your system, place it on a Modulum audio platform and rack.
Then, just listen.

You will be in for a surprise, we guarantee you. The difference is astonishingly audible.

Nagra Munich with Rene Laflamme. Modulum Audio - Vibration control platform systems and accessories

A major improvement of all audio component performance.

You will hear an improvement in the order of twenty to fifty per cent. As confirmed by hundreds of Modulum audio racks and platform owners and many audio manufacturers,  such as Tenor Audio, Nagra and mastering studios such as 2XHD.